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CreArt Skopje and EU Creativity Days: WAX PRESERVATION SOCIATY


Through the exhibition concept KALEIDOSCOPE III, the City of Skopje and the Museum of the City of Skopje, continue to represent one of the basic priorities of CreArt - a presentation of local creative talents and artists, with their works behind various cultural baggage and views.

WaxRevival was established in Skopje in 2019. by Nastasja Zdravkovska and Nikola Dimitrijevic who are part of the team of the cultural platform Skopski Gruv.


Kaleidoscope III ’20, Suli An Faculty of Fine Arts-FLU-Skopje

The WAX ​​PRESERVATION SOCIATY project is an ongoing project, in which DJs, record collectors and music producers participate, with whom they realize an hour-long video of their performance as part of unique visual installations and spatial shaping of various locations.

As part of the Kaleidoscope III project organized by the Museum of the City of Skopje and made possible by the City of Skopje, as a partner in the CreArt project, WaxRevival presents its audio-visual project WAX PRESERVATION SOCIATY. In the yard of the Suli An dress, through a video installation in which two one-hour sessions are linked, the guests Igor Spirovski and Samuil Radinski, who are participants in an author project of Wax Revival. The work is a video from the audiovisual installation that was shaped by various genres presented through sessions of vinyl records dominated by jazz breaks, tropical groove, boogie and voodoo tones (Spirovski and Dimitrijevic) and techno melodic rhythms with deep and rhythmic rhythms ( The visual design takes over the Suli An building, with elements placed in space and light.



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