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CreArt AiR in Kaunas between 26 September - 26 October

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Artkomas and the city of Kaunas have selected the following artists for the new CreArt AiR Program between 26 september - 26 october:

- Elisa Rodríguez (Valladolid)

- Anna Maria Kasprzak (Katowice)

- Sebastien Camboulive (Rouen)

- Tomislav Silipetar (Zagreb)


CreArt Artist-in-Residence Kaunas  2018

Kaunas Artist-in-Residence program is aninitiative of CreArt, launched in 2014. CreArt

Kaunas partners, PE “Artkomas”, have a large experience of organizing visual arts projects, and short-term residencies in their city as well as other cities and towns of Lithuania. With their own focus on painting, “Artkomas” co-operates, however, with experts of other visual arts’ fields (like Kaunas Photo Festival, Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University New Media Studies Department, etc.). Therefore we are able to offer necessary conditions for creation to painters, photographers, and new media artists, who would like to participate in this part of CreArt project.


Kaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania, with active cultural life. Situated in the valley of the

confluence of the two longest rivers of Lithuania, the Nemunas and the Neris, the town itself became an example of a confluence of people and cultures, an attractive blend of architecture and nature. Although Kaunas is called the city of students and rich in cultural, sport, students’ events, it is an important industrial and cultural city with a population of over 320.000.



4 visual artists (we can offer acceptable conditions for a painter, a photographer or a new media

artist, possibility to work with new 3D equipment)



The organization will reimburse to artists travel expenses to Kaunas (up to 500 €). Studio and

accommodation is free. The artists will receive a grant of 350 € + 250 € for materials.



“Domus Pacis“ hostel is a part of monastery and is situated in the old city, close to the historic Old Town and right by the tranquil park of Santaka which invites for lovely walks. All the town’s favourite places and sights are within walking distance and public transport takes you to any part of the town. Here you will find inspiring and creative environment.



The painters will work at the painting studios of “Domus Pacis”.

The photo and video artists will we able to use the IT, 3D and photo lab of Art Center.



* Kaunas will provide an assistant to help with settling in the city (info about cultural institutions,

events, useful places);

* Kaunas will organize introduction to the local artists’ community (in the form of meetings, etc., where the artist has to make a presentation of his/her work and art);

* The artists will have to have open days for visitors;

* Kaunas will make a final public presentation of the artworks created during the residency (a group exhibition of the 4 artists). The exhibition will be displayed in Kaunas, in co-operation with a local continuous art project. Kaunas will organize the exhibition opening ceremony, media, publicity, will publish exhibition catalog;

* 1 artwork must remain for Kaunas city.




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