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Rouen selects one artist for their AiR Program in La maison pressée

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We are pleased to announce that The city of Rouen and collective of artists “Polymorphe”, have selected artist Elena Finat (Valladolid) to work for a month in Rouen at « La maison pressée » between November 15th and December 18th, 2021.

Elena Finat

2018, Valencia - Graphic invited artist in ‘Russafa Escènica’. Solo exhibit at ‘Sueca 13’.
2018, Austria - ‘Second Skin’ an installation, developped during the CreArt residency at the Atelierhaus Salzamt of Linz.
2017-18, Valladolid & Oviedo - ‘Contexto Gráfico’, a digital collage solo exhibit displayed at Taberna Morgan and La Rata Escarlata in Valladolid and also at Local Cambalache in Oviedo.
2016, Valladolid - Plastic installation for the setting of ‘Wladyslaw’ at the musical festival ‘Tonal’ in LAVA, in collaboration with a JC Quindós’ videoart piece.
2016, Norway - Plastic installation ‘The spider’s Cave’, one of the pieces of my ‘Another Planet’ project manufactured during a two months CreArt residency in Kristiansand
2013-2018, Castilla y León - Six collective exhibits with ‘Guardar Como’ group, itine- rating among many community centers all across the region, one of them in collaboration with Amnesty International.
2016, Valladolid - Collective showcase of local illustration called ‘Agua VA’ displayed at Café Beluga.

"Have you ever felt a ghost? You know it’s not there, but at the same time, it seems as if it was present in a non-physical way. Morethan a particular entity, it’s like an energy, like a content without a container. If a content could be there going around without a container, of course... It’s as if it had overflown its own limits and it would be all around
the place... Or is it our limits which had been trespassed? I mean: could be the ghost coming from a part of us that is no longer ours and it’s evaporating and now feels
like a whole different being? With these undefined edges -where it’s difficult to distinguish what’s thread, what’s plastic and what’s pure reflection or even an empty
space- , I try to explore all of these questions."


The location : the third-place « La Maison Pressée »

La” Maison Pressée” is the new spot managed by the collective of artists “Polymorphe”. This association aims at implementing artistic, cultural and citizen projects with and for the inhabitants, in public places, and more particularly in abandoned or unoccupied locations. Since 2015, this collective transforms unused places into spaces for meeting, reflexion and collaborative creation.

Since May 2021, Polymorphe is working on its fourth project: a four-floor-building of 170m2 located in the heart of Rouen at 9 rue des deux anges, called LA MAISON PRESSÉE. This place, about to open in October 2021, will include 4 artists’ studios, an exhibition room, 4, 2 apartment-studio, a shared kitchen, a meeting room, a recycled material center and a 200m2-garden.

Rouen AiR / CreArt programme

_ the artist will be guided and shown around by the members of  La Maison pressée . They will advise the artist in their work, make him/her discover cultural places and organize events to introduce him/her in the local artist’s community and the neighbourhood (brunch, workshops, openings).

_During the AiR will be defined one open day for visitors and one workshop for visitors (children or adults).

_A final public presentation of the works created during the residency will take place from December, 8th to December, 12th. The exhibition, its opening ceremony and dissemination will be assumed by the associaton, in collaboration with the City of Rouen.

_The artists are committed to attend daily and work in the residence. A final report must be produced at the end.

_One of the works produced must remain at La Maison Pressée as collection.

Conditions and stipend

The organization will cover travel expenses [up to 600€] to Rouen. The city of Rouen also covers the material costs (up to 800€), accommodation (at la Maison Pressée), subsistence costs (700€) and will provide 1000€ as artist’s fee.


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