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Opening CreArt Dual Exhibition in Kaunas "Beyond the Cave".

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Galerija Ars et Mundus and Artkomas present from 19 November until 15 December the Dual Exhibition "Beyond the Cave", curated  by Remigijus Venckus with the CreArt artists: 

Kristina Čivilytė (Kaunas) 

Clélia Barthelon (FR) 

Kristina Čivilytė

Being professional artist from Kaunas (Master degree in Painting, Vilnius Academy of Arts,Kaunas faculty, Lithuania, 2021), I am interested in participation in Art exhibition BEYOND THE CAVE in Kaunas. In my artworks I try to raise existential questions, what is reality, what is the world we live in, are we just the marionettes in the life theater, or do we create the reality ourselves, is it the net of the possible ways of different realities? I try to find some answers looking at the roots, primary elements of nature, system of cycle of life and the archaic symbols, amulets. Return to the natural nature is the starting point for me to distinguish the reality from illusionary world, virtual realities, factionary world. The old symbols, archetypes, amulets, primary elements, natural materials (wood, tree of life, stones, bee wax) is the return to the roots, which may helps to find the way to vivid reality. Even it maybe like wandering blindly in the dark forest. Or maybe it is also a dream of our imagination? Through the metaphoric images of amulets, forest and trees I search for the answer to these questions what is real? I also try to recognize the interactions between nature and civilization, culture, existential issues, cultural values. And to pick up the important things from the virtual mass of images. To find the reality in silence and deepness, and reveal it
in my artworks.

Clélia Barthelon

"We go from cave to cave.
glitter trying to hold memories that fade,
a commom memory that has become a little blury.
There will be videos that prove my adventures often commonplace,
monstrous or ghostly screenprints, figs, tired swings, foxs and
mushrooms stories, silent readers, bakeries bowing out or
sacrified mammoth piñatas, filled with gltter.
Then we meet each other in front of the fireplace, where we bring
back our trophees and memories."

For the «Beyond the cave» exhibition, I would like to present a new compilation, the «Winter 2022 Compilation», made with all my vlog matrial from 2016 to 2022. The theme of the exhibition is on point with this piece, we use social medias as a way to show our incredible, full of adventures and perfect life but in my vlogs, I show the ordinary and non-sepectacular next to marvellous landscapes but I say nothing of that. By saying nothing but choosing the places dans the frame, it’s the viewer himself who car creat his own story and project himself in his own use of the social media ans what he allows the world to see.
I recently made a new display stand for my business cards, two off-whith mortar hands emerging from the ground, kind of a retourn of the deads moment but with a touch of glitters, one holding a fake phone and the other the business cards. I will alos update the cards with a new design with my latest uploaded videos.
An for an extra, I will used my time in Kaunas to shot some new vlogs to add to the collection for youyube and a future compilation.



We live in a world surrounded by technologies and communication that is in continual transformation. It seems that the reality is provoking us non-stop with various audiovisual forms, not to mention the supersize provocator the Internet, where we spend a major part of our everyday life. In this situation the question often arises where is the real reality and how it differs from the digital one. Do we, being here and now in physical contact, experience the real reality, or maybe the Internet reality is more real. We invite contemporary visual artists to dwell upon this question of the realness of reality.

The theme of the new dialogue between two artists is Beyond the Cave. It is based on the famous allegory of the cave by Plato, where the philosopher posed the question of the realness of the reality. In his work „The Republic“ Plato wrote: „– Behold! Human beings living in an underground cave, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the cave; here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads” (Plato, The Republic, Book VI, transl. Benjamin Jowett, Vintage, 1991, pp. 253-261).

Trying to answer this question (what is the real reality and where is it) one should first of all remember that Plato did not give any privileges to images, because they distort the reality in one or another way. Reality itself, as absolute and primary, is somewhere beyond or before visibility. Reality belongs to an unvisual, unacoustic expression of an idea (to some divine sphere). And still there arises the question who does the reality belong to (if not someone Divine)? We invite artists from various fields to take up the investigation on what is reality, how can it be described and what is real about it?

Remigijus Venckus

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