European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2015


Artify your soul

I would like to have different theatrical/performative activites/classes throughout whole day at different places and with different groups where we would through different medias using theatre as tool present our souls to each others and make small exhibition which would stay in one of the physical places we gathered

Who is it for? everybody from 12 up
Timetable 11h and 19h
Institution / Organization KARTELO
Address in front of Grgur Ninski
City Split
Country Croatia
Telephone 00385996899205
Entry free
Is it necessary to book? Yes

In our everday life we usually dont think so much about our soul and how it could feel/see/look like/be shaped/etc.So we would do something extraordinary in order to think in different way about something that we usually even dont think that much.We would be free to express and present our soul in any way we want and after we would make small exhibition. I would organise three groups in one day so that it is open and inviting for all age groups.If weather let us we would create at least with one group in some of numerous city squares.