European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2020


2020 EU Creativity day event in Kaunas

2020 EU Creativity day event in Kaunas

Institution / Organization Artkomas
City Kaunas
Country Lithuania
Is it necessary to book? No

During 21/03/2020 - 27/04/2020 more than 40 workshops will be held in Kaunas.

PI Artkomas organizes Stained glass mosaic, Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Style and Creativity workshops for children, students, adults and seniors in Kaunas schools, Gallery „Ars et mundus“, Artists Studios, etc.

Outdoor activities in the Spring Fair of City Kaunas (24-25/04/2020) will be welcome all the people and city guests to meet our artist and create together as well!

About workhops:

STAINED GLASS MOSAIC WORKSHOPS. This year, using glass and mosaic techniques children will create decorated mirror/figures. During this process, they will learn how to compose the colors, forms and different texture of the glass.  CERAMICS WORKSHOPS will develop childrens imagination, creativity, spatial awareness, thoroughness. PAINTING WORKSHOPS by Mindaugas Juodis will be the place where students learn to develop, test and experiment with products in order to perfect their technique.  PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP. The photographer will organize seminars and practical activities. These photography workshop classes are fun, interactive and creative as well as educational. The instructor encourages the students to explore their own creativity and self-expression using the camera: composition and design, colour, texture, viewpoint, framing. CREATIVITY AND STYLE WORKSHOPS are for those who wants to better know or learn how to compose the colors, develop intuition, express moods and feelings.