European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2020


The 2020 European Day of Artistic Creativity in Genoa

The 2020 European Day of Artistic Creativity in Genoa

Institution / Organization Municipality of Genova
City Genova
Country Italy
Is it necessary to book? No

This year the event is organized by the Municipality of Genoa with the collaboration of the Academy of Fine Art, the Palazzo Ducale Foundation and the Municipal Museum of Words Culture in partnership with Soul Center for the Arts , who is a no-profit organization dedicate to promotethe arts of Native Americans young artists. The focus of the events – common to all actors - is to foster and promote the art of international and local young artists.

The four institutions are working on develop a program of exhibitions, exchange round table, performance and artistic training workshops, which will develop into a variety of actions:
PLASTIC SPIRIT Exhibition - from 13 march to March 12 – May 31, 2020 Corso Dogali 18 Genova, Italy The 12 of March 2020: River Garza’s Opening of the Exhibition at the Castello D’Albertis - Museum of World Cultures - in partnership with the Soul Center for the Arts: The Academy of Fine Art had launched an internal call for local young artists: the theme of the call is

INDIGENOUS/PIONEERS, inspired by a reflection on song, history and art of Native Americans; the works selected from the call will be shown in Sala Dogana-Palazzo Ducale.
INDIGENOUS/PIONEERS Exhibition: from 19 march to 5 april 2020 The Opening will be the 18th of March 2020 in Sala Dogana – Palazzo Ducale ; From 2 to 5 April the appointment with “La Storia in Piazza” returns, the event that brings the greatest historians to Palazzo Ducale, for an ever-interesting series of conferences; the topic of 2020 will be
“Raccontare la Storia” and there will be an historical link with the Exhibition INDIGENOUS/PIONEERS in Sala Dogana.

In the same week: 2 Workshops with the Academy’s students, will be conducted by River Garza in the Castello D’Albertis’s Room;

Finally the European Day of Artistic Creativity Celebration – 20th of March 2020 – will be held in Sala del Munizioniere – Palazzo Ducale:
17.30 Round table – Title: “Identity and Inclusion in Contemporary Art – Experiences and
Moderator Alessandra Gagliano Candela (Academy of fine Arts Vice-Director);
Participants: colletivo Milotta/Donchev (Artists), River Garza (Artist), Ernest Hill (Curator) , Maria Camilla De
Palma (Museo Castello D’Albertis Director), Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Artist)
18.30 Debate
20.00 River Garza Performance