European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2020


European Week of Artistic Creativity From 21 th to 28th March 2020 / ROUEN

European Week of Artistic Creativity From 21 th to 28th March 2020 / ROUEN

Institution / Organization Ville de Rouen
City Rouen
Country France
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André Malraux Cultural Center Exhibition
From March 21 to 28, 2020, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
“Come and visit an exhibition of students from the drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing and paper-textile classes of the André Malraux Cultural Center. They will be there to welcome you, tell you about their practice, while continuing to create. Available on site: free initiation coupons and coloring pages for children. "
La Petite Galerie Ephemere / 16 rue Jeanne d´Arc
Free entry

L’établi Exhibition
From 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
“L’établi is a multidisciplinary space which hosts artists' workshops, drawing lessons and an associative gallery. On the occasion of this event, the gallery presents the drawings and creations of its residents : Aude Bourgine, Nicolas Gouesbet, Christelle Lardenois and Céline Voisin. "
L’établi - 45 rue des Bons-enfants - 76000 Rouen
Credit: Nicolas Gouesbet

Rouen Normandy Photographic Center
Guided tour, 3:30 p.m.
“Come and discover the work of the Dutch photographer Koos Breukel. Combining different registers of photographs, the exhibition presents eighteen years of portraits of the artist's eldest son, from childhood to adolescence, thus revealing the evolution of the gaze that each poses on the other: the father , son, photographer, model. "
Photographic center, 15 Rue de la Chaîne, 76000 Rouen.
Free entry

SUNDAY 22th :
Marie-Margaux Bonamy
Nipple Badges Workshop # 5 + Egalitarian Fanzines
Sunday March 22, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
“Workshop to create Nipple Badges in carded wool, followed by the creation of a fanzine on gender inequalities. The workshop is part of Marie-Margaux Bonamy’s plural project "Et ta mère?" (And your mom ?) questioning equality between individuals. "
Collective workshop : 147 Rue Beauvoisine, 76000 Rouen
From 10 years old, accompanied children. Free, reservation at
Credits: Badge Téton, Marie-Margaux Bonamy

MONDAY 23th :
Collectif d’en face
"Black marble" / Screening
Monday March 23, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
“Screenning in shop front and preview of movies, videos and animations by artists still unknown, in relation with the Parangonnage exhibition (Aude Bourgine, Laure Forêt, Morgane Fourey and Marc-Antoine Garnier from March 06 to 05 April). "
Free entry.
Credits: Aude Bourgine © Still lifes, realities 2018

TUESDAY 24th :
Echelle Inconnue
Tuesday March 24 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
"Echelle Inconnue proposes a screening of two short films related to the Seine Axis, produced by Stany Cambot:" Life and disappearance of a nomadic enclave "(7'09) and" When the metropolis worries about the fate of Travelers following the Lubrizol fire "(8'31), a film made with nomad community of Rouen. "
Echelle Inconnue, 11-3 rue Saint Etienne des Tonneliers 76000 Rouen
Free entry
Credits: Unknown scale
Echelle Inconnue
Opening night
Tuesday March 24, 7:30 p.m.
"The launch party for the number 9 newspaper of Echelle Inconnue, on the theme of the Seine Axis, will take place at the Le Rêve de l'escalier bookstore. "
Le Rêve de l'escalier, 14 rue Cauchoise 76000 Rouen
Free entry

Nos Années Sauvages
Artist studio opening
Wednesday March 25, noon to 5 p.m.
“Laurent Martin, artist in residence at the Jardin des Plantes, has been creating in situ since 2018, outdoor installations and sculptures. He benefits from a workshop in the heart of the garden to continue his research which he invites you to come and visit. "
Jardin des Plantes of Rouen - 114B Avenue des Martyrs de la Résistance 76100 Rouen
Credit: Studio view, Laurent Martin

Maison de l'Architecture de Normandie – le Forum
Guided tour
Wednesday March 25, 3 p.m.
"The team of the Maison de l'Architecture de Normandie invites families to visit exhibition" Re-enchant the world ". Let yourself be guided in this manifest exhibition on the future of the inhabited world and discover architectural projects which respond, in a wide variety of contexts, to the challenges of our century. "
Limited number of places, free upon registration: 02 35 03 40 31
Maison de l'Architecture, 48 rue Victor Hugo, 76000 Rouen

FRAC Normandie Rouen
Guided tour of Diogo Pimentão's exhibition, Drawing backwards
Thursday March 26 at 5:30 p.m.
“The Frac invited Diogo Pimentão to invest its spaces for its first major monographic exhibition in France. The 40 works presented retrace more than 15 years of transversal research on drawing which places him as a reference artist on the current artistic scene. With the generous support of The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In partnership with Le Monde. "
Free, by reservation at or
Credits: Diogo Pimentão, Documented (Belong # 1, # 2, # 3), 2014 Paper and graphite Variable dimensions.

Guided tour and screen printing workshop
Thursday March 26, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
"HSH invites you to visit Roland Shön's exhibition at Face de phasme, then a screen printing workshop around the artist's work at #LaboVictorHugo. "
From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., visit to Face de Phasme: 36 rue Molière 76000 Rouen
From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., workshop at #LaboVictorHugo, room n ° 2: 27 rue Victor Hugo 76000 Rouen
Free / reservation:

FRIDAY 27th :
Collectif d’en face
"Touchstone" / Live concert
Friday March 27 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Slightly delayed, a special carte blanche with a surprise character for typing and knitting links in a sound sculpture that will resonate with the works of Parangonnage, exhibition in progress.
Free price.
Visual: Morgane Fourey © Untitled 2013

Workshop sale
Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29 - 10 a.m. - 6 p.m .:
“The resident artists take the most of this month of March to clean up their workshops for the spring. On this occasion, come and search, discuss, and purchase works, equipment, supplies, etc. Everything must disappear! "
The establishment - 45 rue des Bons-enfants -

Atelier TIGRE
Open doors
Saturday March 28 between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
“TIGRE, artistic practice workshop, opens its doors on Saturday March 28 between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm. Family discovery workshop."
Free entry
Credit: Sophie Grassart

La Loge des Auteurs Photographes
Cyanotype workshop
Saturday March 28, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (1 hour lunch break)
"La Loge invites the artist Julie Pradier to offer an introductory workshop on the cyanotype technic, an old photographic process with blue monochrome rendering. On the program: production of photograms and photographs with digital negative. Bring a camera or USB stick images, and clothes that do not fear possible chemical stains. "
Free, by reservation (06 62 70 70 93)
Labo Victor Hugo, 27 rue Victor Hugo, Room n ° 3 on the ground floor
Photo credits: © Julie Pradier
Collective Rue des Bon Enfants / Alison Petit

Saturday March 21 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
"Route of discovery and initiation to street arts: Immersive ballad to the discovery of Rouen street artists then visit of exhibition at the art center Le Hangar 107 and finally workshop. Meeting in front of Hangar 107 on the quays in Rouen. KAZOO & BTR »
Free on reservation (tel or sms 06 11 98 36 61), subject to availability.
Credits: DHOA & FIL & KAZOO
La Civette
Guided tour and artistic practice workshop for families
Saturday March 28, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
“The team of the Le Hall association invites you to its new space: La Civette. On the program: guided tour of the (in) Visible exhibition, photography workshop linked to the exhibition and snakes in celebration of the end of the exhibition. Bring a camera or mobile phone. Price: 2 € »
La Civette, 2bis rue Achille Fournier, 76000 Rouen / Téor Deux rivières or Bus 22 Val Fleuri
Credit: Grossgasteiger Eberhard

La Petite Galerie Ephemere
Drawing concert
Saturday March 28, from 5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
“Come and participate in a Drawing concert! A musical performance while the public will draw the musicians and also create live. Various materials and teachers will be available to support this translation from sound to image, between representations of performers and abstract interpretations of musical atmospheres. In partnership with the Zazimuts. "
La Petite Galerie Ephemere, 16 rue Jeanne d´Arc - 76000 Rouen.
Free admission, limited seating available)
No credits (photo free of right)


Art in the Community: Redefining Heritage of the Association of Artists Zemlja /Zagreb

Art in the Community: Redefining Heritage of the Association of Artists Zemlja /Zagreb

Institution / Organization HDLU. Croatian Association of Visual artists
City Zagreb
Country Croatia
Is it necessary to book? No

Within the framework of the EU project CreArt, Croatian Association of Fine Artists will once again mark this year’s European day of artistic creativity on March 21, by implementing the project entitled Art in the Community: Redefining Heritage of the Association of Artists Zemlja.

Under the guidance of the authors of the project, Maja Flajsig i Josip Zanki with the aim of examining one of the most important points in Croatian art history, which is the legacy of the Association of Artists Zemlja and of Krsto Hegedušić in the contemporary context.

The Art in the Community: Redefining Heritage of the Association of Artists Zemlja project will be based on exchanging experiences, a reciprocal collaboration of artists and work within the local community and students' research work (ethnography and field training). It examines legacy of the Association of Artists Zemlja and of Krsto Hegedušić in the contemporary context, not only to bring it closer to the international framework, but to derail marginal cultures and phenomena from a postcolonial discourse, in which they are viewed only as a part of ethnographic research and not as equal to other art practices. Within the framework of the Art in the Community: Redefining Heritage of the Association of Artists Zemlja project, the established paradigms related to Krsto Hegedušić, the Association of Artists Zemlja and naive art are examined, i.e. their goals, methodology, character of art created between categories and systems of functioning in a political context. 

Part of the project will consist of student research of the Hlebine and Velebit phenomena linked through workshops, public lectures and research under the mentorship of Nevena Škrbić Alempijević from the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The other student research section is represented by Sebastijan Dračić and students of the Academy of Fine Arts, who will create joint collaborative works in workshops with local naive artists in Hlebine and Koprivnica. Mount Velebit (Paklenica National Park) will be the location where they will organize workshops together with mountaineers, tourists and locals, based on the traditional skills of the area and implement art interventions. Bojan Mrđenović, Luka Hrgović, Maja Rožman and Mark Cullen, will participate in the workshop and exhibition part of the project. Their works will be exhibited at the Karas Gallery, together with the works of students and naive artists. 

As a key part of project, on March 21. at the Academy of Fine Arts (formerly Hegedušić's master workshop, current Department of Art Conservation and Restoration) will be organised workshops, presentation and exhibition based on archival materials and artwork related to Hegedušić and his students.

At the workshop naive artists will teach students and visitors about glass painting and other traditional techniques of naive painting.

Scientific conference will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb 7th of May, dedicated to the legacy of Krsto Hegedušić, and especially to the work done in the Association of Artists Zemlja and to mentoring work within the Academy of Fine Arts' master workshop. The project presentation and video-screening will take place at Pallas Project/Studios in Dublin, Krsto Hegedušić Gallery in Petrinja and the Gallery of Naive Art in Hlebine during fall 2020.





Exposición "De Valladolid y Provincia". Pinturas de Pascual Aranda

Exposición "De Valladolid y Provincia". Pinturas de Pascual Aranda

Institution / Organization Sala de Exposiciones de Teatro Zorrilla
City Valladolid
Country Spain
Is it necessary to book? No

Del 6 de febrero al 22 de marzo

De martes a domingo de 12 a 14h y de 19 a 21h



Conocí a nuestro pintor hace ya muchos años, cuando éramos muy niños y estudiábamos en las aulas de La Salle. Ya por entonces le gustaba mucho dibujar y lo hacía muy bien, nadie le disputaba la matrícula de honor en esa asignatura. Ya desde entonces apuntaba maneras de artista.
Años después he seguido con interés su ya larga trayectoria artística y en los últimos tiempos nos vemos con frecuencia, evocando los ya lejanos y entrañables recuerdos de estudiantes en nuestro querido colegio.
Hace unos días, una fría mañana de un otoño invernal visité su grato estudio y sala de arte en el bajo del número 23 de la calle Dos de Mayo, en una casa de hermosa fachada del Valladolid de siempre. Allí pude examinar los cuadros que había preparado para su próxima exposición, ésta que ahora contemplamos en la sala de la Diputación del Teatro Zorrilla. Siempre es toda una experiencia visitar el estudio de un pintor, pero en el caso de la sala de arte de Pascual Aranda, fue todo un placer y un deleite poder contemplar y disfrutar de los últimos óleos, acuarelas y dibujos de este esforzado y entusiasta artista.
Los cuadros tienen todos ellos una temática común: la ciudad y su provincia. Valladolid es el motivo fundamental de toda su obra. Y ello no es de extrañar, ya que nuestro pintor ha sabido reflejar como pocos la esencia y el alma del paisaje de nuestra ciudad y nuestra tierra. Pocos artistas han captado sus rincones y escenarios con tanto acierto y sensibilidad.
Valladolid, su viejo trazado urbano, pese a los desmanes cometidos contra su patrimonio arquitectónico y monumental, es aún una ciudad bella, elegante, que todavía conserva ese ambiente sereno y apacible de otros tiempos; es una población histórica que, lejos del bullicio y el ajetreo de las grandes ciudades y a pesar del inevitable ruido y las molestias del tráfico, aún invita al paseo, a descubrir y recrearse en la contemplación de sus calles, plazas y jardines.
En los óleos y acuarelas de Pascual Aranda está reflejada la esencia de Valladolid, una ciudad que no es nunca austera, triste ni sombría, sino luminosa y del más grato colorido. Son los suyos unos paisajes urbanos sencillos, en los que huye del artificio, una pintura sin retórica, en la que capta la serena poesía de los rincones de nuestra ciudad.
El pintor sabe elegir muy bien los escenarios de Valladolid y sus pueblos. No recurre a los ya tradicionales y manidos puntos de vista, propios de tarjeta postal, sino que acierta a descubrir ángulos y encuadres casi inéditos, siempre evocadores y de indudable belleza.
Si bien ha sido siempre un buen dibujante, lo que se comprueba en sus cuadernos con cientos de dibujos, tomados siempre del natural, entre los que destacan los apuntes de desnudos realizados ante el modelo vivo, Pascual Aranda se siente ante todo un pintor amante de la luz y el color, que son en todo momento los protagonistas absolutos de su obra. La vibración y los destellos de luz hacen que sus lienzos brillen rutilantes a través siempre de una paleta de muy rica amplitud cromática. Llama la atención la variedad del color de sus cuadros, que enlazan y evocan con la tradición de nuestros grandes paisajistas vallisoletanos post-impresionistas (García Lesmes, Castro Cires, Manuel Mucientes o Maffei). Son los suyos unos colores que van desde las gamas cálidas hasta los más intensos rojos o amarillos cegadores, pasando por unos sugestivos tonos violetas y anaranjados.
Y al lado de esa riqueza y luminosidad del color, su obra llama la atención asimismo por su libertad y soltura de pincelada. Es la suya una pintura empastada, en la que emplea una materia densa e incluso pastosa, una factura que añade en ocasiones una nota de espontaneidad casi expresionista.
Todo ello se puede comprobar ahora en esta exposición en la que el artista nos presenta los últimos frutos de su pintura dedicada una vez más a Valladolid y su provincia. De nuevo el paisaje en su más genuina expresión: urbano y rural.
Esta nueva muestra constituye sin duda una gozosa invitación a mirar la ciudad y sus villas con un enfoque totalmente alejado de viejos tópicos, aquellos heredados de la visión de una Castilla sombría y casi dramática. El Valladolid que se nos ofrece es muy otro, muy diferente, es un Valladolid luminoso, vital, lleno de claridad y riqueza cromática.
Disfrutemos, pues, una vez más, de la serenidad y belleza de una pintura siempre grata y auténtica como la de Pascual Aranda.

Catedrático de Historia del Arte de la Universidad
de Salamanca y académico de Bellas Artes

an unexplained emptiness

an unexplained emptiness

Audiovisual creation that explores states of stillness, placidity, balance and silence, starting from the role of memory in the configuration of individual identity. The sonorities are hybrid and integrate ambient, drone, soundscape, soft noise, and minimal electronic influences.

Who is it for? All public
Timetable 22:00-23:00
Institution / Organization Theatro Gil Vicente
Address Largo Doutor Martins Lima
City Barcelos
Country Portugal
Entry Fee
Is it necessary to book? No

The composer and performer Frederico Dinis frees himself from his alter ego and presents himself with "an unexplained emptiness", in this which is his eighth solo work. "an unexplained emptiness" is an audiovisual creation that explores states of stillness, placidity, balance and silence, starting from the role of memory in the configuration of individual identity. "an unexplained emptiness "sonorities are hybrid and integrate a set ambient, drone, soundscape, soft noise, and minimal electronic influences, and the compositions fall back on field recordings, atmospheric textures and evolving patterns, marked by fragmented rhythms. Frederico Dinis is a Portuguese intermedia composer, sound artist, AV performer, media arts theorist and researcher that seeks to represent a figurative space-time, combining sound and visual narratives with unusual spaces, often developed in collaboration with visual artists, dancers, choreographers, performers, musicians and curators. His work has been embraced by museums, concert halls and public spaces in Europe, Asia and Brazil. Links Web: Facebook: Instagram: Vimeo: SoundCloud: Discogs: Resident Advisor: Why Portugal: Artistic Portfolio (Calaméo):



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Narrativas a través de la danza  

Martes 10, de 11 a 12 h

Martes 10, de 19 a 20 h

Martes 17, de 11 a 12 h

Martes 17, de 19 a 20 h

En el marco del Día Internacional de la Mujer y el Día Europeo de la Creatividad Artística.

Una mujer, una desconocida comparte su sagrado ritual con nosotros. Prepara el espacio para contarnos su vida, su viaje… quizás cruzó océanos, atravesó desiertos, ¿huyó? Un acto transformativo para sanar contando su propia historia. "Hay una historia entre vosotras, quien la busque la encontrará..." Así comienza el espectáculo, concebido como un espacio artístico, una representación en danza y teatro.

Habrá una degustación de Chai (té indio).

Precio: 5 €.

Creava 20

Creava 20

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 Desde el viernes 20 de marzo y hasta el 5 de abril tendrá lugar en Valladolid una nueva edición CreaVA con la participación de jóvenes creadores locales, que presentarán diversas propuestas expositivas de pintura, fotografía, dibujo, vídeo, ilustración, instalación, diseño textil….en diferentes espacios de la ciudad; comercios, bares, galerías, centros educativos, espacios de creación, en el cine..., convirtiendo el paisaje urbano en el mejor escaparate para dar visibilidad al talento de jóvenes creadores de nuestra ciudad.

Más información en: 


Program of activities in Skopje

Program of activities in Skopje

Is it necessary to book? No

March 21, 2020

Exhibition "Portals 2020"

Curator: Jasminka Namiceva,

Location: Museum of the City of Skopje21 март 2020

The concept of the Portals cycle - as a kind of open gateway metaphor to the City of Skopje, a city that is a symbol of history built on trial and error, perseverance and the struggle for survival, continues to be the work of young and middle-aged artists in Skopje, which operate not only locally but globally with its stage design work as part of the theatrical and film production teams.


March 22, 2020

Exhibition “Kaleidoscope 2020“

Curator: Igor Tanevski

Location: Skopje City Museum / CreArt Pavilion-Botanical Garden -Skopje

 Multimedia Exhibition "It's ..." by young visual artist Filipe Pepe Ivanovski (Skopje 1993) - He completed his sculpture studies in scenery in 2015. at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius", Faculty of Fine Arts - Skopje, in the class of prof. Bedi Ibrahim. After graduation he worked in scenery at the Macedonian National Theater.

In the project "It's ...", the author Ivanovski, through a spontaneous approach to expression, will lead us through the contents of the first sin, to the lost stories of an everyday life, to the traces of a future-looking existence. The story will be told through objects, installations and its characteristic creations - goblets intertwined with plastic elements ...

Wax Preservation Society(Skopje 2019)

Formed by Nastasia Kiskina Zdravkovska and Nikola Dimitrijevic G who are part of the Skopje Gru cultural platform. The "Wax Preservation Society" project has the idea of ​​grouping them together, presenting all the DJs that nurture the plates as a media platform. Every Sunday afternoon they post an hour-long vinyl video of a number of domestic and foreign artists complemented by visuals, objects and plants at various locations in Skopje. For Kaleidoscope 2020, the Organic Feels audio-visual project will be presented. At the CreArt Pavilion at the Botanical Garden - Skopje, the collective will carry out this audio-visual installation, DJ sets that correspond to the visual design of the pavilion and the nature around it.


March 27, 2020

Talk debate - Set designer / costume designer - art challenge !!

Moderator of the debate: Krste Dzidrov Phoebe; Lira Grabul

Realization locations: Museum of the City of Skopje

Participants: Students from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Skopje and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Skopje, costume designers and stage designers,


March 28-31, 2020

Open studio - Two educational interactive workshops on

Scenery and Costume Design: Theater of Shadow

Author of the concept: Jasminka Namiceva

1 workshop: Scenery for Design and Performance of the Mobile Puppet Theater and Two Scenery Designs

Lecture and Mentoring - Prof. Bedi Ibrahim, MSc

• Assistant lecturer, realization and coordination: Nenad Georgievski Tonkin.

• Participants: Students of the module and course Scenery from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Skopje and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Skopje

• Location - Terrace of the Museum of the City of Skopje / Atrium of the Museum of the Old Skopje Bazaar and Academy of Fine Arts - UKIM / Botanical Garden -CreArt Pavilion / any other place in the city

workshop no.2- making "karagoz" dolls and other dolls and costumes

• Lecture and Mentoring: Prof. Iskra Grabul

• Participants:

• High School of Art DSULUD - "Lazar Licenoski" - Skopje,

• Faculty of Design and Multimedia at FON University-Skopje

• Creative children's studio by MKC / Dorothei Nesovski