European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2018


Workshop for children coordinated by Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania)

Workshop for children coordinated by Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania)

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The Organization Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania) will organize with occasion of the EU Day and until May, the following workskshops for children:
We will enable children to explore the world of designs and creativity learning the technology of 3d printing. In these lessons children acquire the skills they need to generate input for a 3D printer as well as to operate it. The lessons are divided in an orientation phase, in which children learn how to operate the different software programs that operate the printer and then create 3D printable files. The lessons plan touches upon pre-existing knowledge from history, vocabulary, technical, biology and creative lessons.

Stop-motion animation is one of the simplest, most fun animation techniques. Mix equal parts digital camera, computer, and imagination (you’ve got all three), and you’re on your way. The stop-motion animation helps to fulfill children’s imaginations, and to give them an opportunity to be animation heroes. Children will have possibility to create their own first animation film and to explore it’s technique.

Stained glass workshop is the best way to learn how to work with glass and all the tools we use to create art glass. This year, using glass and mosaic techniques children will create decorated mirror. During this process, children will learn how to compose the colors, forms and different texture of the glass.

During workshop children will get acquainted with the art of glass and the glass material and its properties. Paint on glass plates using graphite and glazes. Children will explore their personal ornament reflecting the feelings of each.
They will make their layers to create the map of feelings. Then works will be glued together, prepared for melting. The next day, we will see how different layers of glass melted and become one whole.

Ceramic workshop develop child's imagination, creativity, spatial awareness, thoroughness. It acquaints with properties of clay, decoration, rope molding technique. Children will produce pencils holder, which will be molded in rope way, with natural motifs what reveals the child's individuality. At the end of the sessions each original pencil holder will be kilned in the ceramics oven.

Photography workshop for schoolchildren by Juozas Kamenskas. The photographer will organize seminars and practical activities. These photography workshop classes are fun, interactive and creative as well as educational. The instructor encourages the students to explore their own creativity and self-expression using their camera: composition and design, colour, texture, viewpoint, framing, family and faces, nature and flowers, pets, buildings, abstract and favourite objects.

During puppet-play workshop children together with the puppet theatre creators will produce their own puppets and will try to create performance. Children will participate in the creating this kind of theatre from the beginning of the process by producing their personages till the final show.

Ebru art is a very interesting form of art, which involves painting on water first and later transferring it onto a paper. During this workshop children can improve their creative skills, thinking abilities as well as concentration. Experienced instructors teach the children step-by-step procedure of Ebru art during this workshop. This workshop helps the children to learn the different techniques of mixing colours, how to transfer Ebru art from water to a paper.