European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2018


Make a copy of your favorite artwork

In the Gallery of Matica srpska (Novi Sad, Serbia) students of Secondary school for art and design "Bogdan Suput" will have a chance to copy their favorite artworks from the collection of the Gallery. Audience will be invited to do the same, inspired by student's work.

Who is it for? teenagers, general audience
Timetable from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Institution / Organization Gallery of Matica srpska
Address Trg galerija 1
City Novi Sad
Country Serbia and Montenegro
Telephone +381 21 4899 000
Entry free
Is it necessary to book? No

The Gallery of Matica srpska and Secondary School for arts and design "Bogdan Suput" will organize a special day for copying artworks from the Permanent collection. Students of the Secondary school will choose their favorite artworks and during the day will try to copy them. This will also be an invitation for general audience to take part in observing and copying their favorite art piece. They will get necessary art material at the entrance and will be inspired by the work of students to copy artworks. More information: