European Day of Artistic Creativity // Activities 2018

Workshop for children coordinated by Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania)

Workshop for children coordinated by Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania)

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The Organization Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania) will organize with occasion of the EU Day and until May, the following workskshops for children:
We will enable children to explore the world of designs and creativity learning the technology of 3d printing. In these lessons children acquire the skills they need to generate input for a 3D printer as well as to operate it. The lessons are divided in an orientation phase, in which children learn how to operate the different software programs that operate the printer and then create 3D printable files. The lessons plan touches upon pre-existing knowledge from history, vocabulary, technical, biology and creative lessons.

Stop-motion animation is one of the simplest, most fun animation techniques. Mix equal parts digital camera, computer, and imagination (you’ve got all three), and you’re on your way. The stop-motion animation helps to fulfill children’s imaginations, and to give them an opportunity to be animation heroes. Children will have possibility to create their own first animation film and to explore it’s technique.

Stained glass workshop is the best way to learn how to work with glass and all the tools we use to create art glass. This year, using glass and mosaic techniques children will create decorated mirror. During this process, children will learn how to compose the colors, forms and different texture of the glass.

During workshop children will get acquainted with the art of glass and the glass material and its properties. Paint on glass plates using graphite and glazes. Children will explore their personal ornament reflecting the feelings of each.
They will make their layers to create the map of feelings. Then works will be glued together, prepared for melting. The next day, we will see how different layers of glass melted and become one whole.

Ceramic workshop develop child's imagination, creativity, spatial awareness, thoroughness. It acquaints with properties of clay, decoration, rope molding technique. Children will produce pencils holder, which will be molded in rope way, with natural motifs what reveals the child's individuality. At the end of the sessions each original pencil holder will be kilned in the ceramics oven.

Photography workshop for schoolchildren by Juozas Kamenskas. The photographer will organize seminars and practical activities. These photography workshop classes are fun, interactive and creative as well as educational. The instructor encourages the students to explore their own creativity and self-expression using their camera: composition and design, colour, texture, viewpoint, framing, family and faces, nature and flowers, pets, buildings, abstract and favourite objects.

During puppet-play workshop children together with the puppet theatre creators will produce their own puppets and will try to create performance. Children will participate in the creating this kind of theatre from the beginning of the process by producing their personages till the final show.

Ebru art is a very interesting form of art, which involves painting on water first and later transferring it onto a paper. During this workshop children can improve their creative skills, thinking abilities as well as concentration. Experienced instructors teach the children step-by-step procedure of Ebru art during this workshop. This workshop helps the children to learn the different techniques of mixing colours, how to transfer Ebru art from water to a paper.

EU Day of Creativity event with Adam Buick

Bluecoat Display Centre (BDC) will deliver a unique free artist event for the EU Day of Creativity on 21st March with ceramicist Adam Buick at the Bluecoat in Liverpool City Centre. Adam Buick is a Pembrokeshire based ceramicist and conceptual artist who also works with photography and film.

Who is it for? Anyone over 12
Timetable 2 - 5pm.
Institution / Organization Bluecoat Display Centre
Address the Bluecoat, College Lane Entrance
City Liverpool
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)151 7094014
Entry Free
Is it necessary to book? Yes

Bluecoat Display Centre (BDC) will deliver a unique free artist event delivered to coincide with the EU Day of Creativity on 21st March with early career ceramicist Adam Buick linked to our Equinox ( exhibition curated by one of our supporting gallery staff; Megan Hartley-Roberts.

Adam Buick ( is a Pembrokeshire based ceramicist and conceptual artist who also works with photography and film. Before his training in ceramics, he studied archaeology and anthropology. Hence, his aim is to incorporate elements from the landscape into his works. Adam makes white porcelain moon jars, a Moon Jar is an ancient Korean form originally made from plain white porcelain. Adam was so inspired by this pure form that he now uses it as the composition for his work. He incorporates stone and locally dug clay into his work to create a narrative, one that conveys a unique sense of place.
My work uses a single pure jar form as a canvas to map my observations from an ongoing study of my surroundings. Landscapes have inspired artists for generations but for me a landscape has to be felt. With my site-specific work I too am venerating the landscape.

Event Schedule
1.45pm. Arrive for the event to the Bluecoat Performance Space
2pm. Welcome and introductions by Samantha Rhodes, Director Bluecoat Display Centre
2.15 - 3.15pm Adam will demonstrate various aspects of his throwing and coiling techniques.
During Adam's demonstration Megan will encourage a conversation around the act of Adam's making and questions would be invited from the audience.
3.30pm. There will be the opportunity to watch some of the films Adam has made.
Adam's film projects include 'Earth to Earth' In this piece a raw, unfired Jar, made from a blend of local clays was placed at the top of Carn Treliwyd to weather away. There are cycles within nature some quick, others slow and this artwork illustrates one cycle as a metaphor for all. Made from the earth, the wind and rain will return it back to the earth.
4.30pm. Adam will return to the BDC for refreshments and to give the audience the opportunity to see and discuss informally his work in the Equinox exhibition.



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Con motivo de la celebración del Día Europeo de la Creatividad Artística, organizado por CreArt Valladolid y la Fundación Municipal de Cultura alrededor del 21 de marzo, varios pintores vallisoletanos se han unido para abrir sus estudios al público y han organizado varias rutas guiadas gratuitas por los diferentes talleres, para dar a conocer aún más la creatividad oculta de nuestra ciudad. Participan los artistas Mª Teresa Martínez Sanz, Jesús Ezequiel Pérez Sanz, Mª Isabel Polo Represa, Segismundo Fernández Álvarez y Pascual Aranda. Las rutas guiadas tendrán lugar el lunes 19 y martes 20 de marzo a las 11:00h y a las 18:00h, y miércoles 21 de marzo a las 11:00h. Las visitas son gratuitas, a través de reserva previa en el correo

Visita 1º Teresa Martínez Sanz Pl Mayor nº 10 2º C
Visita 2ª Jesús Ezequiel Pérez Sanz C/ Tudela nº 6 10º Dcha
Visita 3ª Mª Isabel Polo Represa Pl. Cruz Verde nº 6 Ent
Visita 4ª Segismundo Fernández Álvarez C/ Panaderos, 8 10º
Visita 5ª Pascual Aranda C/ Dos de Mayo, 23 Bajo Dch

Mª Teresa Martínez Sanz
Cursó estudios artísticos en la Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Valladolid, y se graduó en publicidad y diseño. Posteriormente, amplió sus estudios artísticos en técnicas de la pintura, en la Escuela de Arte. Ha realizado diversas exposiciones individuales y colectivas, y ha ganado varios premios. Suele participar en certámenes de pintura rápida. Actualmente dispone de un estudio en Valladolid, donde da clases de pintura.

Jesús Ezequiel Pérez Sanz
Es Graduado en “Dibujo Publicitario” por la Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Valladolid. (1992). Participó en un taller de pintura en Ávila con Antonio López (2013). Ha realizado10 Exposiciones Individuales (2013-2018); 28 Exposiciones Colectivas (2013-2018); 6 Exposiciones con la Unión Artística Vallisoletana (2013-2018); 6 Muestras de Arte (Ferias) 2004-2006. Ha participado en certámenes de pintura rápida donde ha recibido 9 primeros premios, 8 segundos, 1 tercero 1 Accesit, 5 Selecciones finalistas, 4 Selecciones (2013-2018).

M ª Isabel Polo Represa
Pintora y profesora de pintura de Valladolid. Estudió en la Escuela de Artes de Valladolid completando su formación con diversos pintores de nuestra ciudad (Gonmar, Felix Llanos). Actualmente posee su estudio en la plaza de la Cruz Verde 6. Donde trabaja e imparte clases. Miembro de Unión Artística Vallisoletana. Ha realizado diversas exposiciones, tanto individuales en Caja Círculo, BBV y ermita de Tudela de Duero, como colectivas con diversos grupos artísticos de nuestra ciudad. Se encuadra dentro de la pintura figurativa pero cada vez se siente más atraída por la fantasía abstracta con detalles figurativos.

Segismundo Fernández Álvarez (Oviedo 1947)
Inició en el campo artístico en la Escuela de Artes y Oficios Artísticos de Oviedo. Se licenció en las especialidades de Pintura y Escultura por la Facultad de Bellas Artes de Salamanca, y es profesor de plástica, tecnología y dibujo técnico en la ESO y Bachiller. Participa regularmente en concursos nacionales de pintura, habiendo obtenido numerosos premios en óleo y acuarela. Ha realizado varias exposiciones individuales y participado en algunas colectivas. Actualmente comparte con otros artistas su estudio en Valladolid, C/ Panaderos,8- 9º B.

Pascual Aranda
Celebra su 1ª exposición individual en 1981 en la sala de Cultura de Palencia, y a continuación en esta década en Madrid, Bilbao, Valladolid, Gijón, Burgos, Oviedo, Santander, Salamanca, Vitoria, etc. En la década de los 90 expone en Francia, Italia, Portugal, etc, y en Ferias de Arte en Barcelona, Suiza, Sevilla, Mallorca. Obtiene más cincuenta premios en certámenes de pintura, es Paleta de Oro y 1er Premio de la Unión Artística Vallisoletana en el 2016 y Premio de las Artes 2003 en Tierra de Campos.



Born at the instigation of young rouennais artists in 2008, this association gave for purpose to promote and to develop the creative work of emergent artists in the field of the plastic arts and of the music.

Who is it for? Everybody
Timetable 13/04/2018 / 14h00-21h00
Institution / Organization Collectif d'en Face
Address 147, rue Beauvoisine
City Rouen
Country France
Telephone + 33 (0)6 23 12 50 12
Entry Free
Is it necessary to book? No

For the European day of the artistic creativity which will take place in Rouen on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018, the Collectif d'en Face opens the doors of its gallery to welcome in residence the visual artist Thomas CARTRON from March 12th till April 12th, 2018.

Committed by the DAAC (Academic Delegation in the Cultural Action) of the Academy of Rouen, to give workshops aimed bound for professors of the Academy of Normandy, the artist proposes an internship on the "experimental photography", this one will allow the participants to confront with their relationship whith the image, through an approach of the plastic photography.

Several practical workshops are proposed to tame manufacturing process of an image, argentic or digital. During March 21st, Thomas CARTRON will present his artistic approach through a selection of works, as well as artist's selection approaching the photography in a experimental way. In continuation, the artist will suggest the participants to make discoveries of the technique of the cyanotype (digital shots in studio / printings of the images).

To close this day, at 7:00 pm, the Collectif d'en Face invites you in an acoustic performance of a music group prédisposable. IMPOSSIBE, created according to the statements of several people in 1312 in the province of Low Conchour. His current training consists of three musicians in the variable talents which after 18 years of studies succeeded in transposing the hundred-year-old compositions of Impossibe into a brilliant electronic rock.

Finally, on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at 6 pm will be the opportunity to varnish the exhibition THOMAS CARTRON'S " INTERLUDE " with a real concert of IMPOSSIBE. Exhibition from 13 till 20 April 2018. "A interlude. A break. An uninhibited time of research, under musical influence, leaving a big place with the experiment and the improvisation". Opened at the time of presence of the artists or by appointment by e-mail
or on

147 street Beauvoisine 76000 Rouen FRANCE

Celebration of 21st March in Lublin

Celebration of 21st March in Lublin

EU Day of artistic creativity is an interdisciplinary event addressed to all residents of Lublin. Children, young people, adults, seniors as well as people with hearing, sight and intellectual disabilities will receive the opportunity to develop their creative skills through numerous events organized on March 21st within this CreArt annual activity. The program of the EU Day of artistic creativity in Lublin will be based on a series of free events dedicated to groups of school pupils, educational and cultural institutions and individual recipients. The aim of the events is to develop knowledge about contemporary visual arts and to acquire the skills of unconventional thinking as well as to practice the ability of creative response to specific situations. The workshops will be carried out using non-formal education methods and creative expression methods used by contemporary artists. The EU Day of artistic creativity in Lublin will be a unique time that will remind the city's residents that each of us can act creatively and try their hand at implementing even the most unusual ideas. It will also be an opportunity for the city's inhabitants to become active participants in cultural life.

Is it necessary to book? No
Document celebration-of-21st-march-in-lublin.pdf

Open classes

The event is free, but please book your space in advance: / tel. +48 81 466 59 20 ext. 32

9:00 – 10:30 "Amazing World of Art" – workshop for pre-school children, Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, conducted by: Agnieszka Kasprzak

In the course of the workshop, the participants will learn examples of modern art that escape traditional techniques and will create their own artworks with the use of unusual materials. The workshop will aim in stimulating the imagination as well as working out a creative situation that allows for the implementation of the craziest concepts designed by children.

10:00 – 12:00 Workshop on creating notebooks for seniors, Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, conducted by: Florentyna Nastaj

During the workshop, the participants will learn how to create notebooks, fold sheets of paper and bind them. They will create functional notebooks out of various types of paper production materials, cardboard and thread. The given task will help to compare different challenges and ideas in one place. The covers of notebooks prepared by the participants will become the field for creative expression. With the use of paints, stickers and stamps they will give them individual character.

11:00 – 13:00 Theater workshop for young people, Hetman Jan Zamoyski High School No. 2 in Lublin, ul. Ogrodowa 16, conducted by: Edmund Kuryluk

The workshop will enable the participants to open up to the creation and searching for ways of realization. Theater (drama) as well as acting are defined in different ways and use various methodologies. Workshop leader – Edmund Kuryluk – claims that the youth theater should be based on the experience, responsiveness and psyche of the people who make it. Therefore, during the workshop, the leader will stimulate creativity, openness, rejecting creative clichés and acting masks.

12:00 – 13:30 Artistic workshop for seniors, “Bronowice” Cultural Center in Lublin - “Maki” Workshops of Culture, ul. Olchowa 8, Lublin, conducted by: Anna Chabros-Piłat.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to spend their time in a creative way, free their imagination and create extraordinary images based on the technique of cut-outs.

14:00 – 15:00 “A3 format - Senses” – workshop for pre-school children, Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, conducted by: Arutiun Sargsyan,

Can one touch a color with a shape? Can one smell the sound? Can art affect the senses? In the course of the workshop the participants will find answers to these and many other questions. The title of the workshop refers to three senses that will be activated during the workshop – touch, sound and smell. Each child will prepare its own original work that will allow him or her to sense the world in a new way.

15:40 – 18:40 "Word starting with L – a diaporama workshop for young people", Junior High School No. 18 in Lublin, al. Jana Długosza 8, Lublin, conducted by: Radosław Bułtowicz

Do you want to learn something new? Create your own multimedia show? Feel like an artist on stage? If your answer is "yes" THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!
And what does “diaporama” mean? It is a projection of static images using at least two analogue projectors – the same that are used in churches today. Slideshows come with accompanying audio. From such a well-thought combination comes a show which is something between photography and film! The workshop will result in an analogue show made by the participants.
And what does the mysterious word starting with L mean? You will come to know that at the workshop!
And here's what the finished show looks like:  /fragm. występu z poznańskiej Malty/

16:00 – 19:00 "How to tell a story? A word that is matter that is an activity" – workshop of performance art for adults, Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, conducted by: Paweł Korbus.

A word that is matter that is an activity. This syllogism is based on an unobvious communication that leads through seemingly divergent issues. The starting point is the imagination and intuition, which is verbalised and then turned into a magma with creative potential. The next step is to launch it in the structures of artistic activity. The workshop will be based on searching for the potential of transformation in what is stable, identifying and naming feelings, giving the dynamics to words and articulation of ideas. The workshop will point the way to performance art with an accent on language, object and body.

16:00 – 18:00 “Painting in a macro scale” - artistic family workshop for children aged 3-6, Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, conducted by: Krystian Kamiński.

Can one paint the picture with fly-flaps? How do you make stamps yourself? Is it possible to paint a picture that is three meters long? During the workshop, the participants will slip into the role of painters and perform their own works with the use of unusual tools. The aim of the workshop is to develop manual skills and spatial imagination, familiarize with untypical painting techniques and learn to observe the surrounding world without given schemes.

16:00 – 18:00 "Flying paintings" – workshop for children aged 6-12, “Bronowice” Cultural Center in Lublin, ul. Krańcowa 106, Lublin, conducted by: Paulina Janowska, Natalia Wiśniewska

During the workshop, the participants will briefly discuss the art of Jacob Hashimoto and then create modular installations inspired by the artist's work. The participants will see that there are artworks that are not painted with paints and do not have to hang on the wall. Each of the participants will have the opportunity to interpret the theme in a free manner and create a unique element of joint installation. The workshop aims in developing children's imagination and supporting manual skills, allows for creative experiments inspired by contemporary art as well as free expression of young artists.

16:00 – 18:00 "What a monstrous book" – book-making family workshop for children aged 3-6, Hieronim Łopaciński Provincial Public Library, Branch No. 37, ul. Bazylianówka 85, Lublin, conducted by: Katarzyna Krzywicka

During the workshop, the children and their parents will create multi-headed ungulates with ten noses and mouths instead of ears. Yuck, what an ugly thing! The participants will get to know the monsters and quirky words from the book titled "Pora na potwora" ("Time for a Monster") by Daniel and Aleksandra Mizielińscy and get inspired by the illustrations from the mentioned book while preparing their own family artworks. The children will design a monstrous book together and create their own quirky words. They will find out that "ugly" and "I-didn’t-do-it-right" are part of the artistic process. They will get dirty and laugh. We hope that after the workshop, the families will reach for a library bookcase or a book collection at their homes to get to know other children's books and get inspired by them in their crazy artworks.

17:00 – 18:30 "Skipping classes in Andersen – acting workshops for young people", H. Ch. Andersen Theatre in Lublin, Plac Teatralny 1, Lublin, conducted by: Piotr Bublewicz.

We are happy to invite you to a free workshop with Piotr Bublewicz – an actor at H. Ch. Andersen Theatre in Lublin. This is a unique opportunity to improve your acting skills, check yourself in drama exercises, but above all, spend a good time together!

17:30 – 20:30 Macramé making – workshops for adults, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, ul. Grodzka 7, Lublin, conducted by: Ewelina Kruszyńska.

Macramé is a well-known art of knotting cords/threads and making elaborately patterned lacelike webbing without using any tools. This forgotten technique is growing in popularity again as an element of clothing and interior design. During the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to learn the basic macramé knots and make a macramé cotton wall decoration.

17:00 – 20:00 „Crochetting – a bag of spaghetti” - workshop for adults, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, ul. Grodzka 7, conducted by: Sylwia Stelmaszczuk.

Do something for yourself, literally and figuratively... Come to our workshop and create yourself a tote bag out of cotton spaghetti. The workshop is for beginners, so you can do it for sure! We will provide you with knitting materials and introduce you to the tricky world of loops and chains.

17:30 – 19:00 "Sensing Lublin" – workshop for the deaf, Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, conducted by: Stephanie Weismann, Rafał Lis

The workshop will deal with the perception of the scents which are present in the city. During the workshop, the participants will go outside to find, recognize, remember and note the scents hidden in different spaces of Lublin. We will also talk about the history of this place and use our imagination to feel the scents that the city's inhabitants could feel on their way in the past. Then, basing on the experience gathered during the walk, we will design and create our own fragrance maps.

17:30 – 20:30 "Typopillows" - workshop for adults, The House of Words / Dom Słów, ul. Żmigród 1/ Królewska 17, Lublin, conducted by: Magdalena Krasuska, Anna Kłys

We invite you to the workshop of creating typographic literary cushions. As far as we know one sleeps soundly on them, they match well with any interior design, they encourage and inspire. That is the role that poetry plays! The workshop includes the process of choosing quotation, designing and sewing the cushions and applying quotations on them.

Dedicated classes

10:00 – 11:30 Sensory workshop for children, Kindergarten No. 65, ul. Langiewicza 3a, Lublin, conducted by: Arutiun Sargsyan

10:00 – 11:30 "Skipping classes in Andersen – acting workshop for young people", H. Ch. Andersen Theatre in Lublin, Plac Teatralny 1, Lublin, conducted by: Piotr Bublewicz

11:00 – 13:00 "We Are All Artists" – workshop for adults with intellectual disabilities, Social Welfare Home, ul. Glowackiego 26, Lublin, conducted by: Anna Szary

11:00 – 13:00 "Visual Exercises" – workshop for the blind, Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, conducted by: Marina Khrypun, Valerie Karpan

11:15 – 12:50 "Quick Museum" – workshop for junior high school students, Junior High School No. 18 in Lublin, al. Jana Długosza 8, Lublin, conducted by: Michał Grabowski

12:00 – 14:00 "Lullabies for MK” - musical workshop for women, Lublin Remand Center, ul. Południowa 5, Lublin, conducted by: Paulina Paga

12:00 – 14:00 "Calligraphy" – workshop for women with intellectual disabilities, The House of Words / Dom Słów, ul. Żmigród 1/ Królewska 17, Lublin, conducted by: Magdalena Krasuska, Anna Kłys

12:30 – 14:30 "Sensing Lublin" – workshop for adults with intellectual disabilities, National Autism Association, conducted by: Stephanie Weismann, Rafał Lis

15:00 – 17:00 Theater workshop for young people, Hetman Jan Zamoyski High School No. 2 in Lublin, ul. Ogrodowa 16, Lublin, conducted by: Edmund Kuryluk

16:30 – 18:30 “The scent of the color” - Artistic workshop for blind and visually impaired children, Boarding House of the Special Teaching and Rearing Center, ul. Hirszfelda 6, conducted by: Magdalena Franczak

As part of the European Day of Artistic Creativity, a series of performative actions will take place in the city spaces of Lublin.

Mujeres (Women)

We are a theater company, Teatronaos, form Spain. We are developing a scenic project about classical Spanish theater women's.
We believe in pure theater: just us and the public, face to face.

Who is it for? adults
Timetable 1'30 min.
Institution / Organization Teatronaos
Address C/ BIELDO Nº 19
City Valladolid
Country Spain
Telephone 658870899
Entry fee
Is it necessary to book? No

Spanish theater in full of histories. However we often forget that women are a very important part of those histories. All kind of women (mothers, widows, raped woman, singles women...) appear in the texts of Lope de Vega to Lorca, to form the hole identity of what a woman is.
With the help of our actresses and their shawl all the women became one only character. So only with the movement of our shawl and our position we change to one character to another. Through their words we will see the hardness of Lucrecia, the games of La Celestina, and the pain of Rosita la Soltera...All of this women, and others, are the protagonists of our play.
The game is let the public to guest which character we are playing.
This performance pretend to be ascetic, without artifices. Only the word and the gesture to make cry, the public.

We only need any stage, and our three women in the middle of it with their shawl to make all the women become to live.

"Street art, legality and regulations" Meeting/debate Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art

"Street art, legality and regulations" Meeting/debate Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art

Is it necessary to book? No

21 March 2018

>>>>> Wednesday 21/03/18
h. 18.00 - 00.00
Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art

Meeting / debate on theme "Street art, legality and regulations"
Talking about it representatives and operators who are transforming the Italian and International scene

Interventions by:

Chekos’art & Ania K., Davide Casavola Poesia Viva, Representative of 167 Art Project - Lecce

Domenico Frode, Lawyer and street artist – Milan

Valeria Mazzesi - Municipality of Ravenna Responsible U.O. Qualification and Youth Policies - City walls: perspectives of creative regeneration

Emanuela Caronti, Andrea Pioggia e Davide Allegretti, Representative of Walk the Line/Linkinart - Genoa

Informal debate will follow

>>>Music and dj set of the Magellano with presentation of the vol.1 of the soundtrack of Walk the Line.

>>>Performance between architecture and dance theater QUINTA PELLE by the architect Stefano Boccardo with the dancers Roberto Orlacchio and Nicola Marrapodi.

Program of activities in Katowice

Program of activities in Katowice

Is it necessary to book? No

Venue: Katowice City of Gardens – Institution of Culture

15:00 - 18.00 (Central Zone) – meetings with representatives of the world of art, as part of the project ”kulTUralnie”, originated and coordinated by students of the Katowice higher secondary school Liceum A. Mickiewicza z Katowic – conversations, presentations and lectures.

18:00 -20.00 (Engram Gallery) – opening of the exhibition of graphic works by Marcin Hajewski ”Myśl niezapowiedziana (”Unexpected Thought)” and meeting with the artist.

„Myśl niezapowiedziana” is a series of over a dozen graphics in which the artist undertakes to record the phenomenon of the memory construct. The realm of thoughts – those present and repressed ones, temporarily postponed and persistently recurring ones, filling each free space of here and now. Their presence is an unnecessary choice. It is a physical matter, frequently uncontrolled, not fully formative for the creative process, but causing its positive drive and physical distortion. It is a record in which the artist used the techniques of offset printing and algraphy, which, being a common denominator with lithography, also has become the artist’s research subject.

20:00 (Room 211) - Katowice premiere of the film ”Śledztwo (Investigation)” directed by Ena Kielska and a meeting with the creators of the film.

The film is a black and white criminal, noir in atmosphere but, at the same time, it is a grotesque and even, to an extent, a black comedy. It is made with the use of stop-motion technique and the method of pixelation. The music, dubbing and special effects created in post-production imbue the whole story with an eery atmosphere.

The film was shot in the area of Silesian Voivodeship, among others, in Katowice, and was screened at film festivals around the world, where it was awarded:

- Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival Venice Italy March 2017 - Best Soundtrack Levi Award

- American Film Award New York USA July 2016 - Student Film Winner

- We Like 'Em Short Film Festival Baker City Oregon USA August 2016 - Best Cinematography Award

- Festiwal Filmów Frapujących (Captivating Films Festival) Gorzów Wielkopolski October 2016 - Award in the category of Form

- X National Festival of Amateur and Independent Film Offeliada Gniezno November 2016 - “Poloniusz” Audience Award

- 4 Emigration Film Festival Emigra Warszawa November 2016 - III Place and the Bronze Suitcase

- Cineramafest New Media Film Festival Gdynia June 2017 Wyróżnienie

- Kocham Dziwne Kino (I Love Weird Cinema) 6 Film Festival Pabianice August 2017 Honourable Mention

50/68 Jubilee Images of Utopia

50/68 Jubilee Images of Utopia

Within the framework of the EU project CreArt, Croatian Association of Fine Artists will once again mark this year’s European day of artistic creativity on March 21, by implementing the project entitled The 50/68 Jubilee Images of Utopia.

The project will be realized through collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies of the University of Zagreb with the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, and with the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences.

Institution / Organization HDLU. Croatian association of Artists
City Zagreb
Country Croatia
Is it necessary to book? No

As part of the project, five renowned Croatian artists, Miran Blažek, Tea Hatadi, Kata Mijatović, Vlatko Vincek and Dino Zrnec, will create artistic interventions for public spaces in Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies which will be presented on March 21, through guided tours.
Students of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, under the mentorship of professor Nevena Škrbić Alempijević will be following artist’s work and providing the background research through the ethnographic report. In the meantime, students of the University of Applied Sciences will research and provide visual identity and all promotional materials, also, under the mentorship of professor Vesna Uglješić.
The results of the project will be published in the book and presented to the public at the conference on May 25, 2018, at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies.
This project is guided by the concept of Marko Pašalić, who is exploring memories about 1968, which is culmination year of revolutionary events.

"Relatista, a tus relatos"

"Relatista, a tus relatos"

Miércoles 21 de marzo de 2018, a las 20:00 horas, en la Sala "Narciso Alonso Cortés" de la Casa de Zorrilla.

Mix de literatura, dibujo y música: “Relatista, a tus relatos (II). Especial “Día Europeo de la Creatividad”. Organizan: Casa de Zorrilla e Índigo Crea. Colaboran: Colectivo Eclipse y Asociación La Deslenguada (Sandra García, cantautora).

Institution / Organization Casa Museo José Zorrilla
Address Calle Fray Luis de Granada, 1,
City Valladolid
Country Spain
Is it necessary to book? No